20 Nov

What is First in Your Life? The Lenker Family

Growing up in the church, April was very accustomed to being involved – attending on Sundays and Wednesdays, even serving. But when she came to The Summit Church, her understanding of the ‘why’ behind it changed. She and her husband, Jonathan, began to ask questions, trying to figure out what...

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29 Nov

Jesus is Worth It: The Allison Family

For the past 15 years, Matt and Catherine talked about going overseas. They both had a passion for missions, but weren’t sure where – or when, God wanted to use them. He needed to work on their hearts first. During that process, the Lord called them to Malawi, Africa. Catherine...

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13 Sep

4 Ways to Increase Your Margin for Generosity

Where does financial margin come from? Margin does not magically appear. It does not happen on accident. Margin is intentional. I have yet to meet an accidentally generous person. Those who are free to give are usually very intentional about their generosity. And they are focused on creating margin....

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06 Sep

Are Couples Really Divorcing Over Money?

Are couples really divorcing over money? Often, money is simply the place where underlying issues express themselves. So if financial arguments are prevalent in your marriage, consider if it’s money over which you are truly fighting. Or is something else, something deeper, being revealed?...

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