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The City is a communication hub for The Summit Church. It is important that everyone who considers The Summit their church have an account on The City as it serves as our database. The best part: you control the information you give us and the information you receive from us.

The City allows you to get information from ministries you want to stay connected to, interact with leaders and other members, and give online. You can conveniently give on a recurring basis or just one time and view your entire giving history.

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Tips on Your Profile

When you logged in into The City, you were prompted to fill out your profile, which included contact information. All of this information is private by default. If you want to share it with everyone you connect with on The City, you can do that by changing your account settings. Deleting your data from your account will delete it from the Summit database… so don’t do that, please.

Groups On The City

When you sign up for an account on The City, you are placed into two groups by default, The Summit Church group and your Campus group. You may also join a group for your volunteer team or small group. Below is a rundown of these groups, and our recommended email settings.

The Summit Church Group

  • Posts from J.D. Greear, other members of our leadership team, and important church-wide communication.
  • Recommended Email Setting: New Things or Daily Digest

Campus Group

  • Posts from campus pastor/staff about events, service opportunities, weekly updates, etc.
  • Posts from people who attend your campus: prayer requests, needs, topics of interest, service opportunities and people looking to get connected
  • Recommended Email Setting: New Things or Daily Digest

Small Group or Volunteer/Service Group

  • Urgent prayer requests/needs from members in these groups
  • Timely messages from your group leader
  • Recommended Email Setting: Everything or New Things

Email Settings On The City

“Ping!” That’s the sound of your email going off. 

The City will flood your inbox in seconds if the right email settings are not selected. Hopefully this information will help you to receive the information you need without you – and your inbox – becoming overwhelmed.

Daily Digest

You will receive one email that lists everything that happened in the group over the last 24 hours. This one email compiles content for all groups you have at this setting.

New Things

Whenever a new topic, event, prayer, need or album is posted, you will receive an email, but nothing is sent regarding the item or its responses after that point.


Choose this setting and you will receive an email every time anything happens in a group.


You will receive no communication from the group. We strongly encourage you not to choose this setting for ANY of your groups. Please refer to our recommended email settings above.

Changing Your Email Settings