Prison Ministry – Women’s

Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Prison Ministry – Women’s

Prisons in RDU are filled with men and women whose lives are defined by what they’ve done to break the law, but the Gospel offers the chance for their lives to be defined by what Jesus has done on the cross. The promise offered to our neighbors in prison is freedom in Christ despite their incarceration! That’s why we have partnered with God Behind Bars to launch Summit services inside of the women’s prison. Our hope is to see these women become disciples of Christ and then be disciple-makers both in the prison and after their release.

We would love for you to join us in both prayer for the ladies and consider serving these women in hopes of seeing them come to faith and grow as disciples of Christ.

Ways to get involved:

Our teams teach life skills inside prisons and walk with former prisoners re-entering our community to help them find housing and secure jobs. They also lead discipleship classes that equip incarcerated men and women to make disciples of those in their dorms and prison campuses. We also need people to help us serve at the Thursday 6:30 PM worship service.

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Tony Diana

Campus Pastor

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Prison Ministry – Women’s
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