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We believe the future of the church is directly related to the vitality of every member’s leadership. Put another way, we believe investing in people like you—the future pastors, planters, and staff members of the church—is one of the most strategic ways we can invest in God’s kingdom. We’ve designed the Summit Ministry Internship (SMI) to do just that.

SMI is a holistic, intentional, and selective program designed to help you grow. As an intern, you’ll be mentored by Summit staff members, gain meaningful ministry experience, and participate in intensive training. At the end of the program, you’ll possess valuable ministry experience, a meaningful relationship with a Summit staff member, and a better understanding of church ministry. You can even earn seminary credit along the way.

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The apprenticeship program is a two-year, intensive development experience (September and January start dates) designed to equip men and women called to vocational ministry. The program combines intensive leadership development, meaningful ministry experience, and intentional mentorship to prepare participates to step into full-time vocational ministry.

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Church Planting Residency

This residency is a full-time, nine-month training experience at the Summit or a Summit Network church. From the beginning, God has called competent leaders to build his church. Our residency is designed to invest in those kind of leaders to help them succeed. Residents begin with the dream of planting. Over nine months, we share with them everything we’ve learned about planting a healthy, thriving church. Together, they receive training and coaching from seasoned pastors and planters. At the completion of the program, a resident and his team are sent out to plant a new church.

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Student Ministry Residency

This residency is a full-time, one-year program designed to equip the next generation of student pastors to build and grow a student ministry grounded in the centrality of the gospel. Residents will receive hands-on training in every facet of student ministry, learn to build an in-depth theological framework for student ministry, grow as a disciple of Christ, and be sent out to help change the paradigm of student ministry across our country.

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Worship Residency

This residency is a nine-month program designed to equip future generations of worship leaders in the art, craft, and theology of worship and worship leadership. With discipleship at its core, the Worship Residency provides a unique experience for current and aspiring worship leaders to be equipped to faithfully lead the people of God in corporate worship through biblical teaching, practical experience, and one-on-one coaching/mentoring from the Summit Worship staff.

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International Church Planting Cohort

If you are called to go overseas in two years or less, we want to equip you. Cohorts are led by experienced church planters and meet monthly to prepare you for overseas missions.

For more details, contact Matt Clark.

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On-site Coaching

We want to serve your church with customized, one-on-one time with Summit staff designed to help you break through barriers and advance your church’s vision.

At the Summit, we believe the local church is God’s plan “A” and the hope for the world. God has truly blessed us for a purpose—to be a blessing to others. We wish to pour ourselves out for the mission of God. Our staff are humbled to resource and serve your team.

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