Young Professionals

Relevant Teaching For Your Life Stage

The Young Pros ministry is a place for young adults in their 20s to mid-30s to find specific teaching for their life stage, meet other young pros in RDU, and get connected to the life of the church.

We are confident that this is the affinity group that can help us fulfill the mission of God! Living on mission in RDU, church planting, and missions are more likely done by young professionals than any other group. With that in mind, the Young Pros ministry exists to connect young adults to Christ, his people, and his mission. We do this in three ways.


We want you to get connected to other young professionals in RDU, and we do that by offering:

  • YP Hangouts, a great opportunity to include your friends and co-workers who need to hear the gospel and to build relationships with other young professionals.
  • Gospel Lunches, where we leverage lunchtime to move the gospel conversation forward with a co-worker, pray with another believer, or eat with a group to encourage each other.
  • An annual retreat that lets us get away and get connected to each other and God’s Word.

At a large church, it can be overwhelming to try to find your place. Young Pros provides the opportunity to connect to service, mission, and small groups by facilitating the ministry at each campus. YP campus coordinators are available at all campuses to answer your questions and help you get connected.

Get Connected


The Research Triangle Fellowship is the equipping arm of the YP ministry. Through all-campus meetings and workshops, it equips leaders to be a gospel witness in their workplace by providing teaching on topics such as:

  • Gospel worldview
  • Discipleship
  • Mission and calling
  • Mentoring
  • Developing a strategy for impact in the Triangle.


The Young Pros ministry mobilizes young professionals around the mission of God by providing opportunities for them to go to the nations and fulfill the Great Commission. The Summit has teams focused on local outreach, North American church planting, and international missions, and they are looking for young professionals who want to leverage their skills and experiences for the gospel.

Check out our events below for our current message series, weekly gathering dates, and other events.

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