What is the mission of Summit Students?

The mission of Summit Students is to partner with families as we seek to raise a generation for Christ. We follow a model of reach, equip, and send.

  • Reach: We create safe and fun programs and events that help students reach their unsaved and unchurched friends with the gospel.
  • Equip: We facilitate gender and age-based small groups where we equip students to go deeper in the gospel as they become disciples who make disciples.
  • Send: We provide opportunities to send students locally, nationally, and internationally to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How do we relay this vision to students? By asking three questions:

  • Who is your “one”? Who is one student you know is unsaved or unchurched that you can share the gospel with and/or bring to a reach-focused event this year?
  • Who are your “few”? Who are the people that you will commit to be in a small group with and challenge, encourage, and grow with throughout the year?
  • Who are your “many”? Where is one place locally, nationally, or internationally that you can serve this year?