What Is a Small Group?

Discipleship Happens in Relationships

Summit small groups exist to make disciples through Bible study, community, and mission.

Small groups are the primary vehicle by which we make disciples at The Summit Church. After the weekend gatherings, engaging in a small group is the most important next step for every member and guest. In order to make disciples, Summit groups operate through four rhythms: Bible Study, Family Time, Discipleship Group, and Missional Hangouts.

Why do we need small group rhythms?

1) Holistic discipleship: We want to make holistic disciples at the Summit. The Bible’s vision of gospel-centered community shows disciples who grow spiritually and also make more disciples. By living on mission in community, disciples are empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform our city and the nations through our generation and the next.

2) Intentionality and accountability in Bible study, community, and mission: Small group rhythms help small group members, leaders, and coaches intentionally develop gospel-centered relationships and hold one another accountable to Christ and his Word. They can also help evaluate a small group’s health and identify areas in need of additional investment, training, or coaching.

3) Shared ownership for health and training: Summit small group members pursue spiritual growth, make disciples, and reach the lost in gospel community because Scripture exhorts every believer to contribute and own the health, discipleship, and mission of the church. It also rebukes disciples that are not living out Jesus’ teaching.

Summit Small Group Rhythms

Bible Study (three times a month): This time is focused on studying Scripture together and centering all of your lives on the Word of God.

Family Time (two times a month): This rhythm creates informal space to eat together and allow the Holy Spirit to bring unity to your group.

Discipleship Group (once a month): D-group is a designated time for confessing sin, seeking accountability, and applying the gospel to our hearts through reminding one another of God’s Word.

Missional Hangout (once a quarter): This is an opportunity to invite non-Christian friends to witness gospel community in a fun and social “neutral space.” A Missional Hangout creates an environment for small groups to live on mission together and pursue the people God has put into your lives.

Sample Small Group Monthly Calendar

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Week 1 BS / FT
Week 2 BS
Week 3 FT BS
Week 4 DG MH