Age and Affinity Groups

Discipleships Happen in Relationships

The Summit offers several ministries to help people find community and serve with others in their same walk of life. Check out some of the opportunities below.

Young Professionals

The Young Pros ministry at the Summit is a place for young adults in their 20s to mid-30s to find specific teaching for their life stage, meet other young pros in RDU, and get connected to the life of the church.

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Single Adult Fellowship

This group is for single adults in their 30s and 40s and has a mission to reach our city in the context of authentic, Christ-centered community, with monthly dinners and other social gatherings and ministry opportunities scheduled throughout the year.

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Summit Faithful

This group is geared for adults 55 and older, where their gifts and life experiences can be used to spread the gospel to our community in a variety of ways. The ministry provides an environment where Summit Faithful members can put their faith into action while deepening their relationship with Christ and others.

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Gospel and Work

This ministry is for business women and men who are asking the question: How do I bring the gospel to light in my professional career? The link below will connect you to relevant resources such as books, articles, messages, and blogs for living out your faith in your workplace, as well as keep you updated on monthly Gospel and Work forums and related events in the Triangle.

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Healthcare Professionals Ministry

The Triangle has a vibrant and diverse healthcare community with tremendous influence locally, nationally, and internationally. This ministry is designed to connect healthcare professionals interested in leveraging their skills to share the gospel in RDU and throughout the world.

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Women’s Discipleship

Jesus was the first to elevate and value women in a culture that considered them little more than property. Our vision at the Summit is for women to grow in their intimacy with Jesus and be equipped to have kingdom impact on their family, in RDU, and throughout the world.

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Men’s Discipleship

The Summit believes part of living as the family of God involves men raising up other men to see and live out God’s call on their lives. As we are surrounded by a culture of confusion about manhood, we are praying for a movement of courage, where men accept the call to live and lead as God designed them to.

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