13 Sep

4 Ways to Increase Your Margin for Generosity

Where does financial margin come from? Margin does not magically appear. It does not happen on accident. Margin is intentional. I have yet to meet an accidentally generous person. Those who are free to give are usually very intentional about their generosity. And they are focused on creating margin....

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24 Jan

Mine, mine, mine

All day I hear, “me”, “my”, and “mine”. You would think those words would be coming from the lips of one of my three boys (ages 6, 5, and 2). Sadly, that’s not the case. While the boys do use these words a fair amount, the majority of these painfully...

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28 Nov

6 Words Generous People Often Use

Someone who lives a life of generosity is different. They view their role in life differently. They view their resources differently. And their word choice often reflects these differences. I am fortunate to have been surrounded by several generous men and women. They really believe that God has not designed them...

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